Saturday, 26 February 2011

New Idea

I have had a whole day to fiddle with my own stuff - soooo I have been playing more with the Easel card ideas.  Once you crack the basic idea and how it works it is not complicated - but looks just WOW.

So I am playing with the layers idea - and the stamps that my USA boss sent me for Crimbo.  First front

and the easel view
- it says 'wishing you the very best of everything'

And the second card - front

And the open view - says - 'May you always have sunshine and joy'
I just love this style of card.  The only thing I worry about is that it is very heavy on the amount of paper / card used and the price I will have to charge on the stall.  They are just stunning to look at - and the 'easel' style has not taken off in the UK.

It has been in the news - the rise in the cost of new paper pulp and how it is effecting the shelf price.  Can't say I really noticed (buying in bulk from the makers) - until I picked up a few 'top ups' the other day.  The basic prices have gone up noticeably - that's sooo what we don't want to hear.  No ones fault - that's just how it goes - but - ouch - it is going to hit leisure crafters as well as us business types.  And eventually all buyers of paper products - that's loo roll guys!!!!!

Anyway - I just love my new cards

kitten xx

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