Sunday, 6 February 2011

New Card

The Grasmere Memorial book is still in progress - and is dominating my bench.  I am about half way through now (working through 2007).  It's quite - I don't know - reverant? - thinking about all the people who's names I am scribing - and their families and the people who will come to look at the book in the coming decades.  Very grounding - who will scribe my name in our church book - when I an the person who does it?

I did however get a bit of a break and play for myself.

Remember the minimal style card with printed digis?
 - re-worked it with text
- and then kept adding
- I just CAN'T do minimal guys
- not even if my life depended on it!!!

This is such a mixture of new and old. Tickled pink digi heart - re-sized and printed in Magenta - Graffiti art lettering filled with pink pearl ink - black outlines and dots (from illuminated scripts) - and a sprinkling of bling

kitten xx

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