Sunday, 16 January 2011


Just thought I would share this with you all - on my desk at the moment is one of our lakes local churches Memorial Book.

I am bringing it up to date for them,  It is hard to find any calligrapher these days - never mind one locally - and one who can still work with a plain formal hand - so I do a few church memorial books.  This one has only just found me and I have about 6 years worth to catch up with.

I don't charge for church work - I kind of look of it as payback for a God given love of all inks.  This job is going to take me quite a while - 30 odd names and each one has to be ruled up - scribed - given time to fully set before the guide lines are erased (the times I have smudged because I have been too impatient to wait! - can't do that with these books) - then start on the next name/page.

Hands  up - I love it.  Each person had family and is missed and I am giving that back to Congregational family - how cool is that?

This will take me 5 or 6 weeks before it goes back in it's case - so all I can say is - it is in good hands and I will do my very best for you all

kitten xx

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