Saturday, 22 January 2011

New idea

I am defiantly in 'Box' mode at the moment.

I saw a picture of such a pretty 'purse' looking box - of course I didn't have the template or materials - but I loved the idea.

So - what I do have is a nestibilities Label 9 (or is it 8).  So I cut the biggest label as the background - and the next one down as the pattern - then I worked backwards to make up a box section to sit in the middle of the front and back.

People often ask me for the sizes and how to copy something - and I am sure you all think me mad when I say I don't really know I just make it up as I go along.  But I really do.  It may take me several attempts - but I really just do fiddle about - take notes - adjust ans keep trying until I am satisfied.  For example - these boxes are great - but next time - the centre needs to be 1cm smaller to show off the curves a bit more

After I made a large one - I used 2 smaller ones and re-calculated the middle section

Next I plan to use the smallest ones and see how that turns out

I guess the morale of the story is - yes you can - get out the paper and play

kitten xx


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