Sunday, 30 January 2011

New card

While I have been browsing through your blogs I have noticed (see, I have been looking!) a few people that have been using the same pattern paper to make all the detail layers.  Got to have a go at that one thinks me.

It's a brilliant effect!  The image I have used is a digi from Bugaboo - she does such cool modern stuff - a real breath of fresh air.

Depending on how the pattern falls - to make an A5 card like this takes about half of a 12" square.  Do the background piece first - then add a long thin strip and a squarer shape.  There are no rules - just play about.  I can see me using this idea loads.
kitten xx


  1. love that you used the same paper for the layers! love the sentiment! you did a great job on this card!!! C:

  2. Aww I love that card, like Jodie said the semtiment is great!


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