Sunday, 9 January 2011

New card

Now - you know me - I can't do simple / elegant - and I am not know for lovie stuff really - but you know - once in a while - just, the odd once in a while - I see an image and . . .  . . .

This image is from and when I saw it - I just know

This is A5 - but folded the other way so it is long and thin.  They have stopped making envelopes for this size (don't know why) so when I finish my stock I will have to make them to fit - it's worth it - it is a super shape.

Anyway - just the image about 4cm square - coloured and matted on red, with gold wire wrapped round it - then raised over a red satin ribbon.  The inner is red to match

And that's it

 get the idea!!

kitten xx

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