Monday, 24 January 2011

Day off

Monday is kitten's day off

Yeah - in your dreams kid!  When I started taking on design jobs - no one told me that I would be spending hours more at the computer.  Ladies, I have just spent 3 hours commenting on all the wonderful entries that you have entered in the Do You Stack Up? challenge - WOW is all I can say - you are all fantastic.  Have you entered yet?  Well LINK here.

My replies may seem a little short and simple - but they are all individual comments - not a stock 'paste'.  And it takes hours - still have 40 left to catch up + Tuesday and Wednesday.  And I have to say that I don't reply to the replies - unless you ask a question that needs answering - again 'hands up' - time.

AND thank you to all of you who check out my latest DYSU card and comment - I really do love getting comments - again - time folks!!!  (I still have my stall to run as well as my shop and blogs!).

Gosh I am lovin' the buzz. 


kitten xx

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