Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Rest day

I had my nails done to-day - love having my nails done.  I have acrylic coating put on them because the Fibromyalgia means my nails are very week and they split across - and it's very painful.  The acrylic keeps them together and protects the nail bed - and I get to grow them a bit.  Dear little Michelle works so hard to keep them on for me - and she never moans at me.  I have been going for 7 years now so she has got used to coping with them.

I am still very sore from yesterday - so I am going to catch up with last ninht's Corrie and have a restful day

kitten xx

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  1. Haha, only a Coronation Street addict would understand "catch up with my Corrie". I love that, and I too am addicted. I love your cards too!


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