Tuesday, 28 September 2010


The UK has been about for several years - and had a couple of 'curaters'.  In it's hayday there were 30 - 40 people entering every month, but this year it has dropped to single fingures.

Jean has decided to close it - so I have agreed to take it over from her.  My thinking being - I can cope with just a few entries  to start with and build it back up to it's glory days.

The thing that makes the UK Art Raffle so different is that it welcomes all types of art and craft media - if you can post it to me - you are in.

The idea os that there is a theme for the month - you send me your project, put a link on my blog with linky - at the end of the month linky choses a winner and they get ALL the projects sent in.

Sound good?

I am setting up a new blog for it and waiting for everyones emails from Jean - hope to be set up behind the scenes this week so we can catch October with the first projects.

More to follow

kitten xx

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