Friday, 17 September 2010


Had to take fidget to the eye docs this morning - hour drive there - half hour to see vet - hour drive home - £84 lighter

That was fun - - - because - - - ?

Better news though, fidget's eye is responding really well and after another injection and eye drops until at least Christmas - we might get away with no big problems.

Bless his little socks - he is so good - he has to have one eye drop morning and night and he just dips his head (oooh must I mum???) and braves it - then goes nuts (I am so clever - I am so clever - I am so clever) - big hugs and kisses all round.

Then, this afternoon, we had to puppy sit for the little girlie next door.  She is such a Sweetie pie - 4 months old Choc lab, and into everything.  The palace guard dog is beside himself with joy to have a baby to nurse - and poor old fidget can't work out what this odd 4 legged thing is all about.

They all piled onto my lap for an afternoon nap - hay - so no work - playing with doggies !!!

kitten xx

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