Saturday, 14 August 2010


A tale of 2 halves today -

The 'boys' have been to Blackpool for the day (all to do with the book launch that the old goat has been working on).  Princelet is not only on first name terms with a movie star- but gets hugs as well.  How many 15 year olds can claim to get a cuddle from a Bond Girl???
Caroline is an old family friend - the old goat has been working with her for years (  - she is such a sweetie - blown over by how much the prince had grown (big birthday comin' up - should the -let morph into a prince???) how scarie is that!

Me? - left home alone - that's what!!

Finished my 'dog' text

- working on a 'cat'  version too.

Just got to find a nice dog to sketch at the bottom and it's done.

WELL - that's every one happy then

kitten xx

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