Monday, 30 August 2010


Not a proper day off - loads of sorting out and catching up with the book work and stock check etc (Don't ya just L-O-V-E stocktaking (not)).  But it's all done - picked up a few mistakes to put right so it is always worth it after a big show.  I do a full proper clear through in January when it's my really quiet time and I am looking for work to do.

I can't tell you just how thrilled I was with the weekend.  It is such a relief to get out there and meet people - and chat about my stuff.  I tell you - wind me up and I chatter on for hours.  And every show is very different.  I hardly sold any of my new drawn and coloured stuff - sold loads of albums - and my dog text - and the 12 Days Of Christmas book (can't decide weather on not to remake that one).

Did not meet many crafters - strange that - a gent who did cross stitch and wanted to know how to cut apertures so he was no stuck with the bog-standard bought ones - and a lady who's mum is just getting into bookmaking.

I am still all buzzie and so thrilled with it all

kitten xx

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