Wednesday, 28 July 2010


I was really fed up because hubby had booked a wedding away over the Dentdale show weekend, and it's one of the few 'biggies' that I can afford.

Hubby phoned to double check the arrangements before getting his train ticket - and it's off (thanks for telling us!!!)

I suppose I should not really be chuffed that a wedding is off - but it means the old goat won't be going away for 4 days - and we get to spent the weekend together at a show.  The guy is going to fit us in 'somewhere' - should be interesting.

I did do you a witch card - but it's on the bench - and I am in bed catching up - so you will have to wait until tomorrow for me to scan it in.  Don't seem to be able to go more than a day without a 'Copic fix'

kitten xx

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