Tuesday, 15 June 2010


Just a little tip for you - feeling very groggy and not done much today

Sorry - this picture is very fuzzy - I tried to get up close.
You know when you stamp an image and have not got the pressure quite even, and you have missed or got patchy bits.

This is the Copic multi liner - you can get a disposable version for about £2/3 so it's not too pricey - and you can re-draw the bits you missed with the stamping.  Get the 0.25mm to start with, and it gives you a really fine line (you can always go over it to thicken it up).

The multi liner is Copic proof AND waterproof - so you can use it on any image, what ever you are going to colour with (and there are several different colours in the refillable ones)

I use a lot of very large stamps and this tip comes in really handy - it's so demoralising to stamp something 2-3-4 times and still have a small blemish on it.  Now all I do is correct it

kitten xx

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