Monday, 28 June 2010


It has sure been hot and windy out in the old fields the weekend.  Very slow business wise for me - but the old goat was very busy.  The dogs were gorgeous - as always - loads of kisses and cuddles.  Several people qualifies to go to Cruft's next year - well done them.

We took the palace guard dog on Sunday - I used to do agility with him until I got too unwell - and he loves going to watch.  He is so good - he is a very doggie-dog and not at all interested in me or people - but he does love his Evsie and he has to keep the old goat in sight.

I took Fidget today - bless him - total bag of nerves.  Only his second big all dog event - and he really can't get his little half brain call round all the dogs doing odd things.  He is very much a mummy's boy, and still very uncomfortable with it all so he kept me occupied all day.  He is crashed out on the sofa now - totally wrecked.

Busy day tomorrow - but next focus is on drawing some guinea pig images for a lady with a guinea pig site who wants to carry cards.

More to follow...

kitten xx

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