Wednesday, 2 June 2010


I have been a bit short on project this week.  Since I have been selling on EBay - it's grown and grown - and when I put on all my mum's Stitchcraft Magazines - it's gone wild.  I have had several weeks with loads of money to spend at Cult Pens - and I have some new Sweetpea stamps on the way - and not time to use them.

That is not the proper way to do stuff!!!!

I spend the morning sorting out the parcels to go out - an after lunch take the dogs for a walk down to the post office. Which is nice - lovely stick chase in the park Henry loves that - but by the time we get home - and update everything - that's it - me pooped.

Serious promise - will get my act together - and my pens sorted - and new projects in the pipeline - cross-my-heart-and-won't-eat-dirt

Will do something for you tomorrow

kitten xx

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