Monday, 31 May 2010


This is where we were today - set my little stall up in the Church yard.  I think this is the first show ever, where someone did not come and want to talk craft.  A couple of people said they dabbled, but no serious other crafters, usually someone shares the interest and we have a good old natter.  We were so lucky with the weather.  A couple of times it came over all cold and dark, and I am sure I felt a spot of wet in the air - but it held off .

Dalton is such a sweet little town, it's a real shame to see so many empty shops - I suppose that's just the state we are in - it's going to take years for the small town to recover - and they are going to have to invent a whole new way of doing things

I have my work all planned out for the week, if I stick to it - and now I am totally shattered - so off to bed.

kitten xx

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