Wednesday, 19 May 2010


Sorry - been a bit short on the old creative front lately.  I have been having a blitz on EBay before the new rules come into force at the end of the month.  They are going to restrict the free listings, they reckon that we are taking advantage.  WOT - US - take advantage of 'free' - never.

I seem to have become such a sad bunnie - I had to FORCE myself to stop watching to see who had paid so I could go buy Copics.  - What a wally!!

I have signed up for Suzanne's Copic class level 2  - I have got all the colours and a few of the digi images from Mo (which I have stated to play with already).  So I hope to be back in the creative groove next week.

Just got to pop over to my paypal to see if I can get more Copics !   !   !

kitten xx

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