Friday, 14 May 2010


I have spent  the whole day - I kid you not - the WHOLE day on paper work / computer / clearing my desk.  I have a separate (downstairs) computer desk where I sit in the evenings, (gazing out of the huge lounge window and watching the world go by) and it had got to the stage where I had forgotten if or what the desk top was.  So I piled through - re-organised the stitching section in the shop to get the Stitchcraft mags in - and added loads of new cross stitch charts - added a few bit to the ebay listings (nothing sold today, so no parcels) - got all the bills paid - and forms filled in - and cleared stuff

Did you know my computer workstation is a pale wood finish?

Well there you go

Nothing to show for a whole day sat at the desk clearing stuff - guess that's why I don't like housework and stuff

I am going to colour tomorrow - couple of new images from mo (trust me - really good stuff here - and 'instant') - both 'boys' are out most of the weekend - yippeee

kitten xx

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