Sunday, 9 May 2010


I have been clearing stuff out as you know, and I came across a huge pile of mum's old Stitchcraft books.  These were my favorite reading matter when I was a kiddie.  I use to get the heap out from mum's dressing table and lay on the floor to look at the pictures - or find a new project to do.  They date from the late 1940s through the 50s and 60s.  They are absolutely fascinating - the styles and the design - Chaps in patterned sweaters - and one to match for you.  Remember "Ever Decreasing Circles"?  - Where Howard and (forgotten) always wore matching jumpers.  It's all in Stitchcraft, I tell you.  Something else, you got a whole lot more patterns for your money in those days - adverts are few and far between - and seem to be mostly for soap powder and undies and stuff.  Oh, and the smell - I love that slightly musty old smell that old books get - these are just the same

I had decided that I had to clear them so I took a few to the old goat and asked if he thought old paper like this should go in the recycle bin.  He says loads of people collect this sort of stuff and said - list it on EBay.

I laughed - - then I checked - - so I am going to list them on EBay - click on the link to my EBay listings on the right hand side - and have a laugh

You never guess - he found one that had a picture of Roger Moore - yes James Bond / The Saint - that Roger Moore - modeling knitwear.

I have all the magazines heaped up in a cat litter tray and I have started to scan them in and list them.  I better get a move on - the free listings which I use are going to be limited to 100 per month from June 1st and I don't want to be listing them from now to Christmas!

kitten xx

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