Monday, 17 May 2010


Monday  is my day off - I have spent it listing my mum's Stitchcraft magazines.  I just can't believe the interest I have had in them - wow.  I am so pleased they are going to go to good homes instead of to the recycling.  EBay is at its best when you have a small interest item like this.  I don't know what she would think about it.  She was a right little hoarder - but was wise enough to spot an opportunity.

I have been trying to as as much as possible because from June you can only list 100 items per month for free - and that is what I use.

Well I am pooped - and a bit cross-eyed with it all - and there is STILL a huge pile to get through.  (Think Copics - think Copics - think Copics)

kitten xx

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