Monday, 3 May 2010


My client picked up the wedding scroll today - bless she was so thrilled I thought she was going to burst into tears.

Not going to how you the scroll - the wedding is not until next month - but I will share the wedding card with you - just don't tell!!!

The wedding colours are black and ivory.

And if you are working with inks - Black is a horrid colour to work with.  It is just so unforgiving - every twitch shows, and you have to hope it all comes together.

I am pleased with this card though - I am going to add it to the shop as a repeatable for weddings - can be done in any colourway.  Love the pretty corners - the lacy bit that shows the colour through.  Janet showed me this punch (it's a Martha Stuart corner one) and the old goat bought it me as my Easter egg.  - Anyway I love it

kitten xx

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