Friday, 2 April 2010


Phew - made it - delivered my art work just as the first people were arriving for the afternoon service today (just watch the cover guys - the silicone might be still a bit tacky!!). It has been a real personal journey for me - I know we all say that butt his has taken over the past 2 months, tacked into my FMS / life / goat's life / study time / change of seasons / world events / freedom of thinking - it has turned out very Personal.

Station 13 - Jesus's body is taken down from the cross - bit of 'caught between 2 worlds. Earth - flowers / cross - the death / the sky - the star that lead us all her in the first place

Station 14 - Jesus is left in the tomb - dark and gloom-ie this one - the grays just took me over. I started out with the keys (locking up VS releasing) - but meditation took over and what started out as life/death (locking in place - the keys) became really - just so sad really. The women took Jesus down from the cross, but they were not allowed to do the mourning ritual because (as Jews) Saturday - NO WORK - so they just had to leave him. Can you imagine - in the funeral service - someone says
- OK - that's fine - every one stop - we will do the rest in TWO days time.
Can you really live your life with that?
Oh - enough - jabber

Station 15 - Jesus is resurrected - happy and joyful, life renewed. Hay it's OK - we got through it all!!!!
You know Easter is a very funny time of the year for me - it is the same every year, but this year has been more difficult because I have not been able to go to service for a while. I was not brought up going to communion - so I thought it would not really matter if I was 'receiving' or not. You know what - I miss it!!!
I have been just so pleased with the work I have produced - and I have learnt TONS while doing it - and that's what it's all about

kitten xx

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