Sunday, 25 April 2010


poorly cat update - those of you that follow me will know my Thomas cat was diagnosed with a fibrous tumor growth just before Christmas.  He has been amazing and full of life and vitality, despite the ever growing lump on his back - but last night things came to a head.  I think the growth was pressing on his spinal cord - and he was starting to loose control of his back legs.

I had to call the vet in at 10.30am this morning - I could not wait any longer - Thomas was very uncomfortable and unhappy.  The Vet was just amazing - so caring - Thomas drifted off in my arms at about 11.40am.

You will all just have to forgive me if I take a couple of days out - I have had this little guy since he was 4 weeks old.

kitten xx


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  2. I just seen this about your Kitty hunny, so sorry---I have had to do this job 4 times now ( over 30 odd years)and never gets any easier, god bless xxx


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