Monday, 19 April 2010


Monday is normally my day off - but I am not at all well this past couple of days (b****y FMS - had a lovely couple of weeks - and over did it - again). So I could not go to the supermarket - the old goat did a bit of shopping to last us a few days until I can get out and about again.

Me? - I have been colouring.
The postie arrived with 9 new Sketch Copics I bought with the money I got from selling some old gold bits

'Two little Love Birds" is the wording for this birdie one

What other choice did I have, but to sit and colour???

Not sure what to put on the mice one yet.

Couple of 'lovie' cards - love layering different paper patterns - now - what I want to know - faux stitching - yes or no?

I have added tiny 'stitching' around every edge - brown on one black on the other.

Question - is all that extra effort worth it?

Do let me know
kitten xx

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