Friday, 23 April 2010


Gosh - today feels like a Saturday - the old goat has gone to do a wedding and the son has an inset day - so it's Saturday - right?.

I have a small confession - remember the lovely holder thingie I made for my Copic pens? SEE HERE

ummm - I out grew it. The bits and bobs I have been selling on EBay I spend all the money on Copics - so that's FREE - right :-)

I love my Copics

Every time I have a few quid-ies in credit off I go to (speed dial on the computer - or what!!) I much prefer the Sketch pens so I get a few at a time. Cult are £1 less that the RRP and free post over £10 - no I am not on commission (but I could be if you like ;-) )

My new storage - each section is 10cm x 10cm.

Don't ask me how I did it - I just cut loads of (the old goats) card to 13cm wide along the long side - folded to make 10cm - 10cm - 10cm (ish) U shapes and shaved them together until it worked!

kitten xx

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