Friday, 19 March 2010


Easter is coming up so fast - I am never going to get it all finished. I have permission to put on the back alter over the Easter weekend - which is great - but there might be one or two missing - will anyone notice??

Anyway - this is 'Jesus meets the daughters of Jerusalem'. It is stamped om vellum and layered with loads of mixing of Distress inks - and embossed flowers and a glittered swirl

This one is gold leaf work. Gold leaf is not 'real' gold, it is really, really fine coloured metal - way, way finer than tinfoil. You have to lay down a 'size' - which is a bit like glue - but you have to wait until it is just about dry and lay the leaf over it. I am hopeless - I always end up with big gaps and holes - and when I try to 'burnish' it loads flake off. The only reason I have a go once in a while is that someone gave me 6 packs of leaf when they closed up their shop.
I rubbed this piece all over with a cotton bud and various colours of alcohol inks - it looks really neat - and the gaps blend in with the bumpy bits!
Oh the shapes come from the bits of grunge board I cut out and stuck down before I started to guild.
THE guy for gilding is Jerry Tresser - he has stuff on YouTube, and his site is - his work is just out of this world
kitten xx

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