Wednesday, 24 March 2010


Kitty update - Thomas has been hiding in his hide-ie hole for the past couple of days and would not budge - so we were a bit worried (ok - so panicking histerically!!). He poped out again last night full of himself again and if fine again. Just a bit of a re-adjustment time I guess. The lump is so big now, and has a few sores on it - but he is absolutly fine - in no pain at all, skipping about with his brother and beating up fidget knickers again. I have been putting a little bit of Emu oil on his sores to try to ease the skin a bit. I guess it's just the stress on his skin.
We will have these small animals and love then, won't we.
I am tired beyond belief. Have been listing with - they wanted more to list - they got it!!!
kitten xx

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