Tuesday, 2 March 2010


Hi all - getting better slowly. Had the most dreadful sore throat / bit of a temperature / headache / sniffles - have been stuck in bed with kitchen and bathroom privileges. The men have come to fit our new bathroom today so I have escaped to the summer house with fidget for a bit of peace and quiet while they rip off all the old tiles. It is a beautiful day here at the bottom of the garden - really clear blue sky, bright sunshine - and I can see the trains going over the fells to Oxenholme.

I am working honest:-) I have been searching for web for places to list my work for sale, so I can start to sell a bit on line. EBay is hopeless - I know about misi and folksy and a couple of others, but they cost money and I want to experiment a bit first. I do list a little on misi but it's only 20p a month. There is a new one starting up http://www.wowthankyou.co.uk/ , I was 'headhunted' by them when they first started the planning - that launches next week, and I have found a couple more. I found a super one http://www.artfire.com/ - only thing is, it seems to be all USA. Shame as it is a really easy to use one with lot of functions. Still listed several things it can't do any harm and it will show up in the search engines.

Other news? Thomas cat is fine - bouncing about like a spring lamb. I came up onto the bed the other morning purring away - I don't know if fidget was so deep asleep he did not notice, or he was shocked into keeping still, but there was no fur flying. The lump on his back is now huge and he can't roll about on his back any more, but no signs of it effecting him in any way

I should be back to work properly tomorrow so will have something to show you.


kitten xx

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