Monday, 8 March 2010


yeah - OK - so it's my day off - just had to share
I tried having an eBay shop a couple of years ago - well it was me and my son really and it was a nightmare, so it all came to grief. I don't know why I have this 'panic' about listing things on EBay - come on - it's so easy. So my goal this year is to list a few things - and that will pay for my buying a few things - yeah - makes sense.
So I have put a toe in the water
Princelet was given a CD of the Brit Awards - yep, let's give a Goth Rock Chic main line pop songs - you should have seen his face (priceless). So I listed that - and it was the start - and so now I am going to just gently add an item every day or so - and then I can SPEND it all
good game plan
kitten xx

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