Monday, 11 January 2010


After much consideration about what I was going to do with work/study this next year I have finally decided
  • I really need to get back to my inks - real ink - all wet and slushy - yum
  • Copics - need to get further along that path - piles of ink you can blend and mix - how new is that game? - you have to remember I have had it drummed into me - mixed inks cross contaminate - result - muddy puddle
  • I want to get back to drawing more - who needs to spend money on stamps? - there are loads of images I could just draw - equally as good the images on the stamps - confidence girl that's all we need
  • Backgrounds - I want to use more Artist's background papers - more doodling - more experimenting, that's what's called for
  • I want to get into the Tim Holtz range more - and see just what his inks can do - I am so desperate to see how the react in a pen. I really am hoping that the alcohol inks are strong enough to write with
  • Patterned paper - going more towards the 12" sheets now - you can pick up much better quality - with added accents - and inked over
Basically - back to my roots - lots of yummy, runny, squishy, hands on stuff
kitten xx

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