Thursday, 21 January 2010


I have just soooo many things to catch you up with - I have just about reloaded all my programs - and reset all my pass words for stuff. Almost got my E Mail back as 'normal ' (IF YOU HAVE TRIED TO TALK TO ME THIS PAST WEEK - SORRY - PROD ME AGAIN!!). website is set up again - and twitter / facebook - can you believe how much we use these days
I have to say as a side line - this has really knocked my confidence. I have been 'tinkering' with computers for the past 20 years (yes - gosh - that long) used to work in DOSS - when 'colour' was green or orange (guess you had to be there :-) ) - I used to work in ASSKI (yeah - I know - WHAT!!!) - I have always kept right up to date - done all the newest installs - taken programs to their limit and inside out to make them do what I want them to - played with gadgets and templates etc etc etc
- all I did was to install a (real, bonefide) update - and the whole lot crunched.
- time to say - enough - mental block - no more - I just can't keep up
Just hoping the 'back up' on Norton REALLY is a back up!!!!
kitten xx

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