Thursday, 3 December 2009


Have been to craft class today.

Had a great time - there were only 3 of us, so we did this card together

:- the stamp is a Penny Black - I love their botanical more that the cuties. Heat embossed with silver tinsel onto Pergomano vellum, and set on a silver background. The Pergomano vellum is better for heating because it's that bit thicker. If I didn't study calligraphy I would get involved in the Pergomano stuff - it takes time and study, which I love - but I have my study time packed to the rafters already

and Janet let us choose which other two to do out of all the other Christmas cards that have been done in her classes this year.

Janet is such a sweetie - she lets me just rummage through the drawers and pull out all sorts of bit to use.

I will show you one other I did tomorrow - I put a huge dollop of glaze on it and need it to dry over night

At least I managed something today. Have a really busy day tomorrow - but the weekend is clear to catch up on rest


kitten xx

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