Sunday, 6 December 2009


We have recently got a homeopath to have a look at the palace guard dog. He scratches himself raw - really sore bold patches - then through the skin. When he is really bad he is yelping in pain and still doing it. The only vet's treatment is to fill him full of steroids - that is the last thing he needs.
Lady I do Yoga with - real down to Earth Mother type - is treating him. It's a bit hit and miss - cos he is a dowg and bit short on words! She has started him on sulphur tables in his water, and I have to say there is a noticeable shift in his focus.
It is hard to explain - and I am not really sure I could - you have to know and work with the guy. He is snuggled on my lap - I have a totally 'dead' leg (that is going to be sooo painful when he moves) because I am scared to move in case he gets the hump - but he is there - and that is the first time for years!!
It will take a while adding stuff and seeing what has an effect - but I am amazed at the chance already
kitten xx

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