Tuesday, 1 December 2009


Guys - am struggling this week - you might have noticed.
Don't really know how I am going to get to the end of this week.
The fibro is really winning at the moment. It crept up on me without me really noticing - normally I see the signs - mind you having said that - all I have done lately is sleep
The old goat has said I can't go to yoga tomorrow - he is going to go in to class his way home from dropping princelet at collage and give them a message. I feel bad because we have a new teacher for a few weeks and I feel I am letting the side down - but at least the old goat can explain for me - they all know my problems.
Going to sleep in - have a hot bath and doze on the sofa
It is deffinatly worse this year - not sure what that means:-)
kitten xx

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