Saturday, 7 November 2009


OOOhhh Lor -
I think I have just upset the neighbours
- they were letting off fireworks in the street - hello - IN THE STREET
I did ask - very politly - if they could take it on to the green , or the wasteland and he told me to F*** *** - not politly
opps - kitten got cross - now he has several less fireworks and is not a a happy puppy.
Am I out of order???
We have HUGE gardens (you all know I have 3 out houses - and a dog training space)
- he was in the street - what messages is that for the kids
- I did ask politly - he was in the front of 15 houses - with kids and elderlies - were we asked??
- my guys were very upset - yes, fidget is the centre of my world - my weekness
- it's not even the 5th
kitten xx

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