Sunday, 22 November 2009


I was totally shattered when I got home from the Christmas fair Yesterday. Don't know why - it was just a little-un - only stood for 4 hours - and it was very pleasant. Anyway, the old goat bought us fish and chips and I went to bed early

What I wanted to show you was this -

I have been colouring (copics) my big Santa stamp (what better way to spend a horrid rainy day?). I wanted to show you the difference a bit of white can make. The first one has the greenery and the red berries coloured - but the second one has tiny little white pen highlights added to the red balls. It just zings it all into life.

Copics are doing me so much good. It's well in my study zone, being inks and all - I have been colouring with inks for years: but there is so much to learn if you want to take it higher - and I just loose myself in it - the time vanishes. Do you think I could get the NHS to give me them as 'occupational therapy'???? - oh well, just better get some for myself then.


kitten xx

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