Saturday, 10 October 2009


OH lor - just spent £40 at - they have such an amazing sale section. I have stocked up on loads of organza ribbons - all half price. Helps me keep my prices down (well, it's a good enough excuse). I do seem to be in 'shop' mode at the moment (mostly the fault of my Copics course - you have to love this job don't you:-).

Moving on (QUICKLY)
- new card
Tag shape - hay cut the corners off an A5 card for a great new look!

But that's not the whole story

Have been tinkering with 'exploding' cards.
It's an old calligraphy / origami trick - you open the card and a folded paper inner opens out.


All I did was trim the shape so the it ended up that '+' shape - that made it hidden in the tag and you got a Halloween surprise.

That enough? - naaah - added a few hanging bats.
Cut from the Trick or Treat Papers - and just back to back - with a bit of silver thread


I know - I am sure I must be Bats too!!

kitten xx

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