Wednesday, 16 September 2009


I spent all morning in the local hossie with princelet getting his 'wonky' shoulder checked out. X-rays - consultant - registrar - back to x-ray - back to consultant (thank goodness I took my knitting).

The spectacular clunk noise he can make is the shoulder blade hitting the back of his ribs - it's called a 'snappy scapula' - quite rare - and his is spectacular - so he is well chuffed! Never mind poor old mum that is going to have to drive an hour each way so he can see a specialist - they all thought it was great.

Did not really get going after all that (just want to go to bed really)

- but - here you go - this is one direction I want to go in with my copics. Much looser - sketchie, scribblie, free-form, scruffy, 'weathered-ish', shapes on shapes and layers - oh Lord - sounds like my life!!!!!
Should be able to get real work done tomorrow.


kitten xx

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