Saturday, 1 August 2009


My heart sank this morning I can tell you - it was chucking it down. By the time we got to Bowness it had just about stopped raining - and by the time the the big marquee was up, it was much brighter. The sun even came out for a while this afternoon!
It was slow on sales, but I had a good old natter with the lady on the next stall. Turns out she used to have the shop I used to get my stitching treads from (a few years ago), She is knitting now and is going to bring me some new fibres to play with. you never know who you will bump into.
Couple of crafters came for a chat, so that was nice, and the old goat was kept busy (AFTER he had to go home and get his brush pen - I ask you - what am I going to do with him!!!!). So it was a very pleasant day all round really - the guys went mad when I got home - now fidget is snuggled up on my lap - and we are off to bed with hot milk. I am totally shattered and I have to do it again tomorrow.
kitten xxXXXX

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