Sunday, 12 July 2009


Well I am home guys!!!!
Not updated the shop yet - still sorting it all out in my head. Funny old weekend really - quite long days, not used to staying late - we normally sneek off about 4ish. Had some hamper guys next to me ( and these guys the other ( and a chap that created models out of coal (bought a tiny kitten - well I would, wouldn't I?) in the front of me. Saturday took a while to get going - the hamper guys were busy (food always does well), but the rest of us did not really get going until lunch time. A couple of people I knew stopped for a chat - and I went to see the flower arrangements - - soo out of this world, just amazing.
Sunday was much quieter but for a couple of highlights - a dear old American dog training friend was passing (with her cute pug) so we had a good old natter (and snuggle) to catch up AND someone gave me a present. A lady I had chatted to on Saturday brought me her mum's nib pens that she used to do all the village sales notices and stuff with - how fantastic is that? I love to have old craft stuff that has been loved and used. They are poster nibs and a bit wider than anything I have, they need a good clean and sharpening (on-one knows that you have to sharpen dip nibs occasionally), but I am itching with ideas to use them.
Packed up a bit early at 4 today - and got told off for being 'unprofessional'. ME, b****y cheek, I was so up-set - I had stood there all day working my butt off and I was in pain, all I wanted to do was go home and rest - and I got moaned at. I was really upset I can tell you, don't think we will go there again.
I am going to have a few days rest - can't believe princelet is home tomorrow - ALREADY. Got my new pens to play with and my new embossing folders from Cuddlybuddly so I will show you what I get up to.

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