Sunday, 5 July 2009


Have been at a dog agility dog show all weekend. Gosh that fresh air - totally shattered now!!

I have trained dogs for years, but had to stop serious training last year - just too un-well. Still got contacts so we go along to several of the local heats in agility, obedience,and (sometimes) fly-ball. The old goat does pooch sketches - dogs doing their favorite things. It's ever so popular, people queue all day and he never stops. I took a small table and a few cards along - I do several dog themed ones especially for the dog shows, and I did sell several.

I took the palace guard dog on Saturday - and he was soo good. He has been going to all sorts of shows since he was almost a year old and he is nearly 5 now, so he's an old hand at it. Neither of us are 'match fit', so we just watched the world go by.

Today I took fidget - his first time out. He did very well considering! I don't think He could quite get his head round all those dogs running about but not playing with him. We mooched about quite a lot so we didn't get in the way of the old goat.

I have caught the sun a bit n my neck and the backs of my hands. I did have sun cream on, but I guess my lower arms are always showing - never thought of that. I have a couple of nasty mosquito bites too.

Desperate to go to bed now and it's not even 8 o'clock.


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