Monday, 20 July 2009


I have a big box with loads of saved card fronts that I have collected over the years. There are all sorts of things in there:-
  • I was given one of these big sample books of wedding stationary to scavenge - so there bits from that
  • several Christmas bits and bobs that have caught my eye over the years
  • people donate any really different cards that they get sent because they know I will give them a good home
  • pretty images I come across that might be useful
  • scraps of paper with sketches and notes or copies of layouts I have liked.

Every so often (well every year or two) I sit and have a rummage through. It's amazing what memories it brings back - and what I find that I can use again. You see things differently every time - depends what you are working on I suppose, and what techniques are the current favorites. I have found a couple of gorgeous silk and satin church images that I am going to work up into wedding cards, a couple of elegant winter scenes to do some winter cards with, and several patterns to make into small card toppers.

- - - And I had a lovely afternoon - resting


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