Thursday, 30 July 2009


Just check out the top address bar - finally, FINALLY - got my logo in the address bar.
- How long have I had a blog? - How long have I been trying? Nuff said.
I could create the file - I could get it in the right format (.ico) - then I got stuck finding a place to host it. All the 'how tos' said Google pages or the Yahoo one - both of which have now discontinued. Nothing I could find would just do what I wanted without all sort of other stuff. Finally found one - uploaded it - put in the blog html head - BUT IT DIDN'T WORK. Then I deleted it, by accident, messing about ((((and forgot who I had hosted it with)))). So started again. Then I found a site the would pick it up from my hard drive, convert it AND do all the complicated bit.
Now I have one - yeah
kitten XXXX

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