Tuesday, 28 July 2009


Gosh - what a day! Have you had all that rain? Has been coming down in torrents today - don't know how that much rain stays up there!!
I have been 'trying' to clean the living room floor today - note the 'trying'. We have a solid oak floor downstairs with a big rug in the living room, so it doesn't need a lot of attention, but every year (about this time) I have a really good go at it. The theory being that I can take the rug outside and give it a good beating - it's silk not wool. Then I can give the floor a good wash and polish. That's the theory. Never works to plan.
Well I can't take the rug out, so I thought I would just do half the room at a time. Princelet's away so I have the time. No matter how many times I wash and rinse - and rinse - and rinse - there is STILL animal fur when I put the polish on. It's the same when I paint a wall - one of them always brushes past and leaves their trademark.
Well half the floor is 'clean' (better say washed) and polished - going to have a go at dry cleaning the rug tomorrow. Any advice on stopping gutty little fidget from trying to eat the foam?
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