Wednesday, 24 June 2009


WAAAY to hot to work properly - have been fiddling about a bit, watching Big Brother on catch up, and totally re-hashing the toppers section in my website.
I have put myself on a diet!!! Have to face up to it - the weight has been creeping up, and I just sneaked over 13 stone at the weekend. Enough, it's getting uncomfortable, I am not used to being overweight, I was 8 stone before I had princelet(it's all his fault). I started on Saturday - and (so far) have been very good.
The thing is - why is it that you eat a bickie and put weight on - but if you don't eat the bickie, you don't loose any weight - AND you really have to go to such extremes to loose anything at all. I suppose I am a bit stuck because I can't really do loads of exercise - but I did have a good season at yoga this morning. I am keeping a note every morning to make me stick to it.
Just as well I love lettuce and fish really

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