Thursday, 18 June 2009


I have noticed recently that my mind has returned much more to my 'paper' creating ideas. I have not been able to get to class much these past 2 months. The old goat has had the car - and I just can't walk that far anymore. He does feel bad but I can hardly say I want the car when he has a job on can I? There is no way we could afford to run 2 cars.

Anyway - that leaves me playing with papers - cutting, folding and experimenting.

This is an American idea (usually is) - I say a picture of it and thought hmmmm.....

This is the girl's pinafore. first experiments are always a bit on the plain side.

Then I played with a boy's bib and shorts. Starting to get the hang of it now

The idea is - the front of the card is cut to the shape of the bib/pinafore, and the back of the card is cut to the shape of the t-shirt underneath.

The overall card size fits a 6" x 6" envelope, so that was my starting point. It has taken me ages to get the proportions correct and work out collars, bows, pockets to make it all work.

Are we impressed - yes we are!


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