Thursday, 11 June 2009


I re-did that poem this morning - so glad I did, it is way better. They always say you have to do a piece 3 times - 1) to warm up your muscles, 2) to practice your eyes are straight, 3) for the final result. It's funny, but it normally turns out that way.

'Tis the season of 'good luck' cards - exams, new job interviews, apprentice interviews, university places - it's all in full swing now. Princelet had a maths exam this morning, they are doing the first one early to give them a bit of space next year - that will bring him up short!!

I have a lovely cat brass stencil so I have been experimenting with different techniques with it.

This one - the pattern is cut through white card and backed with black pearl card,

Then we have this one, which is drawn through the stencil and coloured in with a black metallic gel ink

This last one is embossing paste (yummie) and coated with a black twinkle glitter.

I also did a mat black glitter which worked well - still drying

I did try glue and flock - but that was not good, will try again with embossing paste and flock



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