Thursday, 4 June 2009


I am covering the church office all this week as Angela is on holiday.
I went in this morning to find the committee room double booked - and it just snowballed after that! I got the small group settled in the Lady Chapel, gentleman turned up to play the organ - that's not a problem. Then one of the local traders popped in for a chat because he was having problems - and the guy he has fallen out with walked in!!! Phone kept ringing - vicar' wife is poorly, and so is his dog, so he's just a bit fragile. Just on my way out and I realised that the flower wreaths that had been delivered earlier on in the week that I thought were too early for today's funeral - had been forgotten by the hearse on Monday (I was really cross - they should have gone with the mourners). Huge panic to get them cleared out of sight!!
I was hugely relieved to go and get my nails done I can tell you
I am in again tomorrow - bet I see no-one!

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