Monday, 15 June 2009


Monday is kitten's day off (?) - -
- yeah, right.
Today went:-
- shower/hair wash (hard work if you are CFS/ME - huge energy used).
- Morning in Morrison's (well, you shop for a teenager AND a stay at home artist/ teenager).
- then - OH JOY - princelet has a physio appointment at the hossie.
Now, I feel guilty if I don't tack my turn with the (on going) hospital trauma when the old goat is busy. Guys - princelet has a stiff, clunky shoulder - sorry world - I am sooo not panicking over all this. The old goat has to get to Keswick again this week and is trying to get ahead with stuff - SO I stood in.
Something ALWAYS happens when I do the hossie run. Trust me - I got stopped by the police - we were a week EARLY for the appointment (don't ask) - they had double booked us, and the list goes on.
TODAY - thunder and lightning and HAILSTONES. Yep, In June. At first I thought I was just the other side of 'normal' (girls - you know that one), but they kept coming, and they got bigger, and the thunder got louder, and louder - we are talking roof shaking stuff here. Luckily (?) the gazebo was still in the car after the weekend, so we grabbed one of the sides to shelter us in the the hospital - don't know what they thought of a tent side in the waiting room - don't care!
Went to Asda on the way home - and bought alcohol - because I am worth it!!
And when I got home poor little fidget knickers - panicking or what? Thunder, lightening, big scary stuff going on and no mummy to snuggle??? The needy one just got the 'I want to live inside your skin' panic on!!
So, there we go, huge panics - Bottle of Rose (+ a few) - snuggled, contented doggie - Day off - um? When was that?
Work tomorrow - can't wait - yippee!!!!!!!!!!

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